Gerald Green has bunnies!

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He crossed him over in the name of the Father, Son, & the Holy Spirit.

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I'm sure you've been asked this a bunch of times, but who will take the championship this season? And also one more, Carmelo is faced with a bunch of choices next season, he could leave NY and possibly join a team that he could win a championship with(knowing the caliber player he is there could be a lot of options), or the other choice is stay in NY and work with Phil Jackson. What do you think he will do and what is most realistic with the choices?

Melo isn’t going anywhere, he would be stupid to leave Phil Jackson.

I haven’t really decided who I think is going to win this year. The Heat and the Pacers have both shown weaknesses. The Spurs are always going to be tough to beat, but I think they will be okay until the WCF. I think OKC might have to claw their way into the WCF. I, honestly, can’t pick who I think is gonna win but it’s hard to go against LeBron James.

The series I hope happens is the Clippers vs. Warriors because those two teams do not like each other and I think it will be a very exciting series.

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Oh mannn... That Iguodala double cross in tonight's (4/10) DEN/GS game.

Yooo I just saw it on ESPN, all I have to say is DAMN

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If you guys ever have any questions about me, my blog, or anything just ask!

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DeAndre Jordan causes a glitch with this dunk

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I just got twitter, I need to follow some people!

Send me your usernames and I’ll check you out!

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Follow ya boy on twitter


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Someone help Pablo pt. 2

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The race to 5k followers is on!

Only need about 200 more! Thanks to everyone that has been following me! Feel free to request stuff!

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J Wall with the game saving block!

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Dude just dropped the trophy smh

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Easy pt. 2

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Welcome back, Steve!

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